Alma Mater is a music-only album that I have produced during COVID-19 lockdown.
This song is inspired by the Goddess Kali in the Hindu tradition. She is a dominant figure that is often represented with the severed head of her lover.
This song is a memory of the first time I crossed the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul, marking the border between Europe and Asia.
Bettino Craxi was the Italian Prime Minister that became the scape goat for all the corrupted politician. The voice in this song is his interrogation in court in 1993, when he declared to be well aware of corruption running wild from left to right wing.
A song to about going round and round in circles, where routine become normality and introspection an opportunity to review and learn from such repetition of events.
A song that I wrote after breaking the engagement that would have had me married in September 2016. It was a long departure that showed its painful sides months later. I wrote this song as a closure.
Starts with a whistle and continues with some syncopated rhythm throughout. A tune that wants to be easy to remember, yet mischievous, that play hide and seek.
This music is inspired by epic video game adventures, culminating with the Boss to defeat. The voice sampled in the song is a reminder to stay strong and continue aiming for one's goals.
A remake in Japanese style of "Also sprach Zarathustra".