Alma Mater is a music-only album that I have produced during COVID-19 lockdown.
This song came through a dream. Literally. In the dream I was the producer of a singer who ranked first runner up in a music festival. However the audience booed the judges and demanded that he could sing his song instead of the winner. When I woke up I had this song in mind. It took me 2 years to produce it. The lyrics are about my divorce. A bitter-sweet tune.
I wrote Granelli di Sale while flying back from Italy to Singapore after my father's funeral. It is all about him passing away and me becoming a grown up man. It is an introspective journey into who am I and who I want to be.
A theatrical drama about a girl that I could only describe as fake (made of plastic in Italian language). The chorus says "Chissenefrega non ti amo gia' piu'" which means: Who cares? I don't love you anymore. A way for me to exorcise the weird relationship I had with her.